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European Food Education Season

This project is part of the framework from the regulation from the European Parliament adopted on Wednesday 12th March 2014 in favour of valuing European gastronomic heritage. This resolution recognises gastronomy as “one of the most important cultural manifestations of human beings” and reminds us “that it is part of our identity and is an essential element for European cultural heritage as well as the culture heritage of the member states”.

EFES's aim is to encourage cooperation and training between numerous stakeholders from the gastronomic sector. It aims to integrate a “food culture” section to the passing on of practices and knowledge linked to gastronomy. The cooperation of universities, professional catering industry schools, traders and producers aims to train new generations of professionals in developing new innovative educational tools.

The project consists of:
1) International meetings enabling the exchange of experiences and skills between professionals, university lecturers, teachers, students and apprentices, in the form of three successive Spring Schools (spring 2016 in Tours, spring 2017 in Torùn and spring 2018 in Braşov)
2) Designing and creating digital tools (videos, MOOCs, interviews with big names on a recipe and a practice) dedicated to transmitting food cultures
3) Developing project dissemination supports (books, exhibitions…) and circulating these tools
4) A project evaluation and making the approaches developed long lasting for all the stakeholders involved

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